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Ramadithya Screening Pvt. Ltd. Provides Due Diligence and Background screening Services.

 Background checks are important things to check the background history of their candidate during the recruitment process. Now a day’s all candidates producing fake resumes and fake references to reduce this we are using Background verification to hire the right candidate for our organization. It is the process by which you can find your best candidate by looking at criminal verification, education verification, drug test, identity verification, employment verification and more. …

Due Diligence Services involve comprehensive checks and assessments to ensure the credibility and reliability of potential borrowers, clients, or business partners. These services are crucial for mitigating risks and making informed decisions. Key aspects of these due diligence services include Confirming the authenticity of documents and information provided by individuals or businesses, such as financial statements, tax records, and legal documents. Conducting detailed background checks on individuals and businesses. This includes examining criminal records, credit history, employment history, and previous business dealings.

These due diligence services help banks make informed lending decisions, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. They provide a thorough understanding of the risks involved and aid in safeguarding the bank’s interests.

Ultimate Flexibility

Accurate Reports

We go directly to local court records to retrieve the most current, comprehensive data available

Competitive Pricing

Complete Data

We offer volume discounts and customized packages to work within your corporate budget.

Creative Strategy

We have the best strategy for employee screening ensures employees have the functional ability to perform the inherent requirements of their role..

Highly Customizable

Ram Adithya has years of experience working in an array of industries and complex organizations. We’re skilled in identifying, analyzing and implementing consistent and comprehensive solutions to manage risk.

Verify details

Pre-employment screening can likewise confirm training, qualifications, certification, licenses, and other criteria that might be prerequisites for the vacant position

Improve Hires

Enlisting the correct applicants is the thing that separates an effective organization from coming up short organizations. Careful pre-work screening we need out candidates who won't be a solid match or could be restricted in their viability, particularly those who are disho

Save time and money

Without pre-employment screening, terrible contracts are more probable—and awful contracts are expensive. Time and assets are squandered on loading up and preparing somebody far-fetched to keep going long at the activity. Extra assets should be utilized to discover a substitution.

Minimize risk

A terrible contract may harm an association's notoriety or spending plan. What's more, contracting a candidate with an earlier criminal record showing a background marked by savagery risks the wellbeing of representatives, clients, and anybody he or she interacts with.

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